Are you getting the most
from your Salesforce?

We specialize in evaluating Salesforce environments - designing and implementing
an arrangement of Salesforce "orgs" that enhance your business operations

About Us

We are dedicated to helping you understand when a multiple Salesforce org structure is appropriate and when a single org is the right solution. We can help you transition from one model to the other.

We know that the Salesforce environment you had several years ago may not be right for you now

Whether you've been in an acquisition mode and need to consolidate to gain some efficiencies or get common business processes implemented consistently -- or your single org isn't flexible enough to support your company's evolving business processes -- or you want to be ready or need to divest a line of business

We can help you determine the correct org structure and help you make it happen.

What we offer

  • Business Process Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Interface Architecture
  • Org restructuring
  • Release and Deployment Management
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Are you throwing away money by not taking full advantage of the power of Salesforce because similar business processes are implemented differently across Salesforce orgs or business process were pared down (incorrectly) to fit into existing Salesforce solutions?

Our Services

All of these services are part of a org restructure. We can provide all of these service, work with you, or another partner to meet your goals.

Business Process Analysis

We focus on analyzing business processes that (do or should) interact with Salesforce and are part of your value chain.

System Architecture

We work with you to determine what the future looks like -- which platforms, what software packages, which vendors, how it all is connected, and how information moves around.

Business Architecture

We work with you to determine how the business processes are supported by Salesforce, which business functions are shared, which are isolated, how automation is leveraged, how information moves in and out of the business processes, and making it all visible.

Interface Architecture

We will review how your data is moving between various systems and vendors, provide recommendations, and can guide or perform the work to modify those data interfaces for an updated environment.

Org restructuring

We can perform or guide the actual implementation of configuration and code consolidation or replication, along with moving your data to support the restructured environment.

Release and Deployment Management

We discuss the pros and cons and help you make the right decision on whether a solution can be implemented methodically over time or as a single migration event.

Let's create some magic

What if your employees could focus on your customer and the results of their work
and not be tripped up on work arounds and inconsistencies in how to perform their daily tasks.

Let us help your Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Finance teams by
implementing a Salesforce environment that enhances their ability to execute and deliver

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Let us help your Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Finance teams by implementing a Salesforce environment that enhances their ability to execute and deliver.

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